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Saagar Barcode Solutions a system Interrogator on RFID with domain experience on Access Control, Health Care, Logistics and Work-in-progress management. Our experience in providing cutting edge Technology solutions to our customers has helped us to develop economical and efficient solutions.

As system integrates we work with best suppliers in the industry for complete satisfaction of our customers.

Following are our Products:
  1. Access Control
  2. Hospital Management
  3. Fare Collection & Parking Management
  4. Work-In-Progress
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Asset Tracking

Passive Tags
Active Tags

Access Control: 
Access control solutions with time and attendance system. The solution is available on distort platform for different employee strength.

Powerful Time & Attendance software, suitable for all types of organization deployed from 10 employee firm to multi location multiple employee organization. The solutions are available on different platforms and technologies and scalable to meet future needs.

Reports are an essential part of a solution and our software provides all necessary reports in Time and Attendance solution. Accesses contain quintessential reports for an organization to work force better and evaluate them for further promotions.

Hospital Management:


Hospital management solutions of the RFID based patient data management and E-Purse application for In-Patient management to corporate and small hospitals.

The hospital management system based health card provides the hospitals to discharge medical attention at times of emergency by quickly providing the patient information like Allergies, Blood group, Disease details and Insurance Policies etc.
Asset Tracking Module provides the user with the real time information of the asset in the premises and also alerts on regular schedule. The RFID labels can be pasted on important materials such as blood bags, Life saving Drugs etc to ascertain the expiry date and other information which are very critical.

Fare Collection & Parking management:


The fare Collection system, using RFID provides automated collection of fare in Toll Plaza’s or in other entry points of a Theatre, Theme Parks etc. The system integrates suitable RFID platform and necessary hardware to restrict the movement.

The Toll Plaza’s use ISO 15693 or Proximity Standard RFID label or card is provided and electronic boom barrier is used to restrict the access. On presentation of the card or label with sufficient balance, the boom barrier is opened and access is allowed.

Work –In –Progress


The solution provides real time information on the flow of material in a manufacturing industry. The objective of the solution is to have an error free manufacturing and reduce inventory to keep cost under control.

 The technology required can be ascertained only after understanding the objective of the client and the industrial work-flow. Following industries can benefit from this solution.

Inventory Control
Effective inventory management depends upon consolidating, integrating and analyzing the data collected from many sources such as distribution centers and ware houses. Conventional tracking systems require manual intervention, which is labor intensive, time consuming and error prone. On the other hand, the use of RFID technology has significant advantages over the conventional methods.

 Asset tracking:
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a groundbreaking technology for tracking valuable assets. Now there is no need to store whole history and full description about them every time. RFID tags are the simpler way to track them. Every tagged asset can be tracked by interpreting the upcoming radio signals from each tag.

RFID technology brings some unique benefits to asset tracking that other identification technologies like bar codes or other tagging technologies may not be able to easily provide. For example, RFID tags can help enable better tracking in situations where bar codes may be unreadable because they are damaged or unreachable due to poor positioning while being used in harsh environments. Additionally, RFID technology is more suited for automated tracking because it allows for non-line-of-sight operation, and it provides the ability to read multiple tags simultaneously. This means that RFID technology can be used more effectively to automatically and accurately track asset movement.

Saagar Barcode Solutions is an independent provider of innovative Barcoding solutions, including wireless systems and technology. The company's extensive experience of Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Logistics, Garments and applications enables us to deliver worldclass solutions specific to the needs of our clients.
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